Niagara Hospitality Hotels - ABOUT US

Mission Statement

At Niagara Hospitality Hotels, we have assembled an eclectic mix of products to ensure that we have the right room and that you have a great dining experience to enhance your visit to Niagara Falls, Canada.

Our Mission Statement is to provide the 'friendliest' hotels in Niagara Falls, and to provide the best value. That's why our prices are ALWAYS less than the competition in all categories.

The Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls provides the best view of the falls from any hotel guaranteed! If you're looking for a casino experience, the Oakes Hotel Overlooking the Falls is the closest hotel to Niagara Fallsview Casino and the Falls Hotel and Inn is directly across the street from Casino Niagara.

At the top of our range of great value restaurants is Remingtons of Niagara, offering Award Winning Steak & Seafood complete with singing servers and the "best steak" 100% guarantee. For more casual dining we offer Applebee's Neighborhood Bar and Grill.

At Niagara Hospitality Hotels our guests enjoy lots of complementary extras like discounts to all the best attractions and golf courses as well as exclusive Niagara Winery tours. Give us a call, your room is ready and it's our privilege to serve you.

A. Douglas Birrell

C.E.O. - Niagara Hospitality Hotels Inc.